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Imported Specialty Foods

Cooking great food is easy, as long as you have the right ingredients. At Nicastro's we pride ourselves with having one of the best selections of Italian and other Gourmet foods in Canada. Here is only a sample of some of the fine imported specialty foods you will find. You must visit our store to appreciate the vast assortment of products available.


Fine Olive Oils

Olive oil is an edible fat which can be extracted from the fruit of the olive tree. It is a thick liquid with a distinct taste and smell and a colour which varies from pale straw yellow to dark green.

We guarantee you will find the best selection of Olive Oil at Nicastro's. We sell over 150 varieties and import many ourselves. The majority of olive oils we sell are Extra Virgin Olive Oils. This is a virgin olive with an acidity level of less than 1 %. It is usually processed from the first pressing of healthy olives and is most valued for its organoleptic and dietetic characteristics. The quality of the other olive oils decreases as does their selling price.

We are the exclusive North American importer of Antico Frantoio Ravagni Tuscan Estate Olive Oils. This high end oil is available in limited quantity and has received rave reviews for many food critics and chefs. It has become Nicastro's best selling estate olive oil.

Some of the major brands we sell include: Antico Frantoio Ravangi(Tuscan), Olio Carli, Colavita, Bertolli, Sita, Saso, Carapelli, Monini, Nicastro, and Horio just to name a few.



Balsamic Vinegars

Balsamic Vinegar originated in the city of Modena, Italy and is obtained through a long, slow process of transformation starting from the concentrated grape must. It is mainly used to flavour fresh salads and boiled vegetables, together with olive oil, a combination which creates pleasant and appetizing tastes.

The most expensive Balsamic Vinegar is usually the one which has undergone the longest ageing process according to the trational method. At Nicastro's you will find both the "Extra Vecchio" aged at least 25 years and the "Vecchio" aged 12 years, both with Protection Concortia emblem guaranteeing authenticity.

We carry approximately 100 brands of Balsamic Vinegar starting at $1.99 to $249.99 a bottle.

Some of the more popular brands include Fini, Bellei, DeNegris, Elsa and Nicastro to name a few.


Assorted Pasta

Pasta is produced with two basic ingredients, durum wheat and water, this regular pasta meets the demands of most consumers, and is the most sought after at Nicastro's.

Additional flavoured pasta's include: "Pasta all'Uovo" (egg pasta), "Pasta Verde" (green spinach pasta), "Pasta Rossa" (red tomato pasta), and "Pasta Integrale" (whole wheat pasta).

Some of the shapes of pasta you will find at Nicastro's include: Spaghetti, Vermicelli, Bucatini, Fettucine, Lasagna, Canelloni, Farfalle, Fusilli, Pene, Stelline, Orzo, Capelli D'angelo and many more.

Some of the brands of pasta at Nicastro's include: Barilla, DeCecco, Agnesi, Molisana, Buitoni, and Rustichella D'Abruzzo.



Fine Coffee

Espresso is Italy's version of coffee. The process for making espresso is relatively fast and can be made at home with an espresso maker. Italy consumes well over 1 billion pounds of coffee a year, and has made Italian espresso one of the most popular beverages in the world.

At Nicastro's you will find all of Italy's best brands of Espresso Coffee's: Lavazza, Illy, Kimbo, Segafreddo, Saquella, Mauro, and many more.

Espresso coffee can be purchased in ground or bean form, in regular or decaffeinated or many other roasts.

When shopping for espresso coffee visit Nicastro's coffee bar for a delicious espresso or other coffee.



Specialty Cookies and Cakes

Visit our store for our huge selection of Specialty Cookies and Cakes!

We carry over 50 types of Panettone and Padoro Italian cakes to choose from. These make the perfect gift or treat for the holidays.


Olive Bar

The perfect place to make your antipasto plate the Olive Bar!
Such favourites as Kalamata olives, Nicoise olives, Green cracked, Infornate sun dried olives, Alfonso Spanish olives, pickled peppers, spicy eggplant, Sicilian spiced olives and so many more.



Other Gourmet Foods

Please visit our store for Canada's best selection of Gourmet Foods! If you’re looking for an Italian gourmet food product we guarantee you will find it at Nicastro's.



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