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Fine Deli Meats

Mouth watering specialties and deli meats with that authentic Italian flair can only be found at Nicastro's deli counter. We carry a full line of Italian deli meats, including Italian dry sausages, Prosciutto, Salami, Sopressa and more. You'll also find other cold cut favourites such as Roasted Turkey, Black Forest ham and Smoked meat.  Don't forget we always slice your meats fresh on the spot (never pre-sliced), just the way you like it.



So many dry Italian salami's to choose, our deli department has over 30 types. Here are a description of some favourites:

GENOVA salami has a special blend of natural spices combined with choice cuts of lean pork to create a salami with distinct flavour and richness.

SOPRESSA is a flat dry cured salami, slightly smoked, this aromatic sausage originated in Calabria, in Southern Italy, about 500 years ago.

AL PROSCIUTTO salami is a mix of Genova salami and chunks of cured prosciutto. Slightly seasoned the two meats make a perfect combination.

CALABRESE salami is similar to Genova except that it has hot spices to give it a spicy taste.

SALAMETTI are baby salami chubs sold in a piece. Flavours include Genova, Calabrese, Veneto, and Friulano. Great for picnics and camping.

Other salami’s available are Hungarian, Mustard Seed, German, Gypsy, Wine, Veneto, Friulano and more.



Prosciutto and Cured Meats

Parma is a city famous for its culture and for gastronomy. It is located in the heart of Regione Emilia Romagna, at the foot of the Apennine mountains, and it is constantly exposed to a dry, pure air which creates unique and ideal conditions for the natural drying of prosciutto.

PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA is one of the world’s greatest delicacies. The meat (pork thigh) is pressed, seasoned, salt-cured and air dried. It is usually sold in thin slices. Prosciutto is best eaten as is and is a classic first course when served with melon, figs, or bocconcini. It can also be added at the last minute to cooked foods such as pasta or vegetables. Nicastro's was the first store in Ottawa to sell the Original Prosciutto from Italy, and it is now our best selling deli meat.

BRESOLA is an air dried top quality beef. Also sliced very thin it can be used the same as Prosciutto or in a carpaccio dish.

PANCETTA is an Italian bacon that is cured with salt and spices. Flavourful, slightly salty pancetta comes in a sausage like roll. It is used in Italian cooking to flavour sauces, pasta dishes, vegetables and meats.

SERRANO HAM from Spain is now available in Canada and can be found exclusively in Ottawa at Nicastro's. Similar to Italian prosciutto it is more meatier and rustic tasting.



Hams and Specialty Meats

MORTADELLA originated in Bologna, Italy, and is the original from which the slang name "baloney" came. It is made with ground beef and pork, cubes of pork fat, and Italian seasoning.

PROSCIUTTO COTTO HAM is made from the finest quality Canadian grain-fed pork. That means no excess fat and no tough muscles. All you get is a delicious cooked ham.

CAPICOLLO (HOT OR MILD) is hand made from only the very best cuts of pork that is lightly seasoned and naturally slow aged to bring out the full flavour and aroma.

SMOKED MEAT (PASTRAMI) Montréal style beef smoked to perfection. It is usually served hot or cold, in a sandwich on our Rideau Bakery Rye bread.

PORCHETTA is oven roasted pork. Seasoned in an assortment of flavours such a rosemary, black pepper, and spicy.

Other specialty meats include Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Black Forest Smoked Ham, Rosemary Ham, Pepperoni, Roast Beef and more.



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