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Fine Cheeses

Nicastro's cheese department imports and sells cheese from all over the world. On average we have over 200 types of cheese to choose from. We sell over a ton of cheese a week. That's a lot of cheese! Wrinkled and moldy, smooth and sunshine yellow, orange and smelly or brilliant white, your sure to find a cheese to your liking. You will find different shapes and sizes, flavours and texture ranges from the sublime to the truly extraordinary. Below are few examples of the many cheeses available in store.


Hard Aged Italian Cheeses

Nicastro's has the largest selection of Italian cheeses in Ottawa. Here are some of the most popular hard/aged cheeses.

PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO is sold in large, rough, grainy chunks chiseled from the shiny drum that carries its name emblazoned on the rind. The aroma is sweet and fruity, the colour fresh yellow and the taste exquisite-fruity, strong and rich. Used as a table cheese, for grating, in sauces and salads, over pasta and risotto. In our opinion it is one of the finest cheeses in the world.

PECORINO-ROMANO is the name for cheeses made from pure sheep’s milk. It's characteristic flavour - salty, with a fruity tang that becomes steadily more robust. It is moist, yet granular and it is a superb grating cheese, on pasta.

PROVOLONE usually reflects the shape and size of this cheese. It is generally a picante table cheese, but also comes in a milder version. It is also popular for grilling and melting.



Soft Italian Cheeses

You will find all your favourite soft Italian cheeses at Nicastro's, and because we sell so much, we guarantee there the freshest in the city.

ASIAGO is a lightly pressed cheese made from whole milk in small dairies. Pale yellow and springy, with a delicate, sweet undemanding flavour and fragrance. It is used as a table cheese, and as a condiment.

GORGONZOLA has a greenish-blue mould that impacts a sharp, spicy flavour that is mixed with a creamy cheese. This blue cheese is used as a table cheese, in dressings, salads, and on pasta or gnocchi.

MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA is an oval cheese - wet, shiny and pure white. It's great in salads, baked on pizzas, also grilled. Flown in fresh from Italy weekly this water buffalo milk cheese has become a store favourite.

TALEGGIO originally called "Stracchino" has a rosy crust, but a soft creamy interior. Used as a table cheese, grilling, melting (popular over polenta).



French Cheeses

We have one of the largest selections of French cheese in Ottawa, with many different varieties arriving daily. Here are few of our favourites:

BRIE is known for it's edible downy white rind and cream colour soft interior. When Brie is perfectly ripe it will ooze at room temperature. We carry a wide variety of Brie with different milk fats. The higher the fat the richer the Brie will be.

CAMEMBERT made in Normandy has a fragrant aroma and taste of wild mushroom, with a slightly yeasty, almost meaty taste.

CHEVRE LOG is a goat's milk, creamy, soft-white cheese. It is ideal for hors d'oeuvres, for grilling and melting.

COMTE OR GRUYERE DE COMTE is a magnificent, firm, dry and slightly granular cheese. It has a creamy and piquant yet sweet taste. Its uses include table cheese, snacks, canapés, fondues, gratins.

ROQUEFORT has a distinct bouquet and flavour that combines the sweet, caramel taste of sheep's milk with the sharp, tang of the blue mould. Used as a table cheese, blue cheese dressings, and in salads.




International Cheeses

Nicastro's cheese department carries cheese from many different countries. Visit our store to find that international cheese you can't find anywhere else. Here are some other selections we carry:

Appenzeller, Emmenthal, Raclette, Gruyere, Sbrinz, Tete-de-moine.

HOLLAND Cheeses:
Edam, Gouda, Spiced Gouda, Maasdam.

SPANISH Cheeses:
Manchego, Queso Iberico.

ENGLISH Cheeses:
Gloucester, Cheddar, Royal Blue Stilton.

Greek Feta, German Cambazola, Norwegian Jarlsberg, and many more!



Canadian Cheeses

Please visit our store to find a huge assortment of Canadian cheeses. We also sell the full line of award winning Balderson Cheddar.



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